Joseph Barrios: Producer + Engineer

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My name is Joseph Barrios and I'm a producer, engineer, and artist based out of Nashville, TN, looking to help bring your musical ideas to life. Whether it's building a track from the ground up or adding the final creative touches, let's make something you love.

I primarily work out of OOKO Studios in Nashville, TN. I have worked with indie, electronic, hip hop, pop and rock artists all across the globe to help bring their vision to life.

My passion is to create bold sounds in the music that I work on, both in my mixes and in the arrangements. Some of my productions have been featured on Netflix, in full length films, and on web series. 

I love to work on projects big and small, and would love to hear more about your project.

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Recent Discography:

Rusty Clanton - All My Favorite Places (Tracking, Production, Mixing)

Rusty Clanton - All My Favorite Places (Tracking, Production, Mixing)

Nate Head - Ydkma (Cowriting, Production & Engineering)

Zach Rutstein - ZR3. (Engineered, Produced, Mixed, Mastered)

I also handle all apsects of my own production for my project JONIE

A few other artists I’ve worked with:

COIN, Liza Anne, The Lonely Biscuits, Bantug, Biyo, Trevor James Tillery, Messyah, Cory Taylor Cox, Kelsey Kopecky, and many more.

I am also the head audio engineer for the youtube series OOKO Sessions handling all aspects of tracking, mixing, and mastering.

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I also produce Yadee Yadah: The Music Podcast and South African Soundwaves Podcast (debuting November 2018).

I understand all aspects of Podcast Production and can help bring your stories to life.

Check out my most recent episode with Producer Jamie Lidell

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Joseph Barrios