JONIE is the cosmic-disco-pop project from producer + musician Joseph Barrios.

Jonie Blue


“Why don’t you speak your mind sometimes? You might find that you like it better” Jonie sings on the onset of his newest release “Passion Too” a cosmic swirl of autobiographical disco-pop. Jonie, the music making alias of Nashville’s Joseph Barrios, has been putting out music for the last 5 years with different bands and artists, but it wasn’t until he started interviewing other producers for his podcast, Yadee Yadah, did he find the inspiration to produce his own sound.

In 2017, Barrios released “Jonie Tapes Vol. I” on his label Yadee Yadah Records, an introduction fueled by Barrios’s pop interpretations of Chicago house music and lofi hip hop. This foray into uncharted territories lead to Jonie releasing a handful remixes including SZA’s “Love Galore” which was shared by blogs and fans internationally.

On his newest release, Passion Too, Jonie explores a new wave of funky psychedelic dance music while delving into anxiety, sexuality, and independence. Ruminating on these themes, Jonie’s Passion Too lands with a sense of maturity that still translates to the dance floor. His surrealistic perspective on pop music is making Jonie one to watch in 2018.